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{November 4, 2008}   Welcome!

Hi, I am Cassaundra, and I am 12 years old.  Welcome to my blog.  This blog was started so that I could share my writing and my singing.  Keep checking back here to read stuff I like to write, and to hear all about my upcoming singing performances.  Right now I am working on a Christmas CD, and once it is finished I will post here about how you can get it.  I will also have a sample for you to hear.  Thanks for checking in!



Tell the heavens and earth to celebrate and sing!  Command every mountain to join in song!   – Isaiah 49:13


{November 13, 2009}   Tis the Season

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Tis the season to update my blog! It’s been too long since I have been on here. With Christmas coming, I am doing a second order of my cd, and working out where I will be performing this Christmas. Stay tuned for now. And in the meantime, there is another song from my CD that you can download from my blog.

{September 29, 2009}   Updating

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I really need to keep up with this blog. I am going to try to update it with things as they happen. I am really busy with school right now, running for student council, lots of homework, and other things. I am starting to work on my demo CD now as well. Check back soon and hopefully I will have more things posted about what I am doing next!

{December 3, 2008}   Christmas performance

Starbucks has asked me to perform at their Christmas cheer party. I will perform at two locations, the first on Dec. 11 between 6 & 8 pm at Stone Road Mall in Guelph. The second is a Friday night, Dec. 19 again between 6 & 8, Claire Rd. in Guelph. I will be performing some songs from my CD, as well as a few others.

{November 28, 2008}   The CD Cover


We are starting to ship on Mon./Tues. so get your orders in if you haven’t already! Email us at

{November 26, 2008}   My CD is finished!


The CD is finished, and we are so excited! If you are interesting in purchasing one, please email us at and we will give you the details.

Now another exciting thing to share – Starbucks has asked me to perform at two of their locations for their ‘Christmas Cheer’ parties they are having. There will be drinks, crafts for kids, even Santa, and I will be singing during it. If you are in the Guelph area, watch for me!

{November 11, 2008}   My Christmas CD

0145My Christmas CD is almost finished, and ready to purchase.  I had so much fun making it, thanks to Dave at Giant Killer for being so terrific!  A portion of all proceeds will be donated to River City Church, some set aside for the making of my next CD, and the rest will go to savings for my University education.  We are not putting a price tag on the CD, you can donate what you would like, and then add 1.50 to mail it to you.  Thanks to everyone for supporting me! 

Click on Download Song on the left, and you can download and listen to one of the songs from my CD. I hope you enjoy listening to it.  If you want to purchase a CD, post a comment here with a way to contact you, and we will get back to you with the details.



Tell the heavens and earth to celebrate and sing!  Command every mountain to join in song!   – Isaiah 49:13

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